Uber driver partner interactive video training is now available on TappnEd

With the explosive growth in tech companies like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB there has been a commensurate growth in knowledge support industries that service the massive partner network of these organisations.

Uber’s growth has seen a huge surge in demand by drivers for knowledge on how to best use and beat the system – from simple “hacks” to more in-depth “how to make money” videos. These have mostly been made by “driver partners” which are then published on independent websites, social media and video platforms like YouTube, but there has been little effort at utilising new tech or adult learning concepts. Its’ all been a bit “Just-In-Time”…

Tips, tricks, making money, minimising mistakes, set up and running quickly with Uber interactive video training.

22 lessons on all things an Uber driver needs to learn?!?! What a bargain!


Perhaps it’s part of Uber’s strategy NOT to invest in the latest eLearning tools or methods – perhaps an aversion to being accused of having driver “employees” and not, “driver partners” (resulting in class action suites) – or maybe Uber just don’t think proper training will reduce their driver churn and increase quality of service (and profit).

In any case WE at TappnEd are excited to have on board an experienced Uber driver instructor, The Rideshare Emperor, who has created an amazing interactive Uber driver video course to fill that gap.


Ultimate Uber Driver Interactive video Course Page on TappnEd

Ultimate Uber Driver Course Description on TappnEd.com

As a world first, TappnEd has The Ultimate Uber Driver Training Course – a comprehensive interactive video training resource for prospective and new Uber drivers which trains, assesses and validates all things (unofficially) Uber.



The course allows prospective and current  Uber drivers to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of the Uber partner driver business model, costs involved in setting up your operation, how to save money…and make money, detailed analysis of trip revenue activity, how to increase profitability, tips tricks and hacks, surge pricing and how to take advantage of it, dealing with problems, and all within the confines of an interactive video experience able to be viewed on any device.

There’s even a dog story!

Learners can interact in-video through a gamified multiple choice assessment model; participate in interactive video polls and tap through to additional video resources, Uber news and official Uber Support.

They can even register as a new Uber driver by tapping on the bottom iFrame footer which breaks out into a new tab.

The new tab is an Uber registration page and if they make a certain number of trips then the driver who supplied the link gets a cash reward – which can range from as little as $50 to as much as $500. Not a bad pay check for a simple referral!

In-videoi interactive questions and answers reinforce learning

Interactive “in-video” questions and answers reinforce learning – no cognitive overload!

Since TappnEd works on any device the video and interaction will play on smartphones in both portrait and landscape mode.


Check out the worlds first interactive mobile video Uber driver course here https://platform.tappned.com/course/106 .

Polls can be taken even inside the video and display a pie chart of responses for the learner.

Polls can be taken even inside the video and display a pie chart of responses for the learner.