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m-Learning Interactive Video for Education and Training

TappnEd m-Learning video platform enables learners to watch video and be tested anytime “in-video”, on any device, without being drawn away from the video content.

Learner knowledge can be validated via interactive call-to-actions, questions and answers which execute when the video pauses, and if correctly answered will then move to the   next learning point.

Tap based Learner interaction with smartphones, tablets and laptop touch screens is fully supported.

Setting up a course is easy – upload your video, set up a lesson and course and publish – either as a free course or as a paid course using the TappnEd payment gateway.

Enable your learners to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device.


  • mLearning responsive design for smart phone, tablet or desktop.

  • Pause video with "in-video" call-to-action overlay questions, answers and responses.

  • Test learning points with interactive questions “in-video”.

  • Customize questions by text, color, image or gif.

  • In-video Polling allows educators to get feedback on any topic.


  • Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Validate knowledge learned "in-video" then move onto next learning point.

  • Avoid cognitive overload by testing in-video.

  • Learn at your own leisure or come back to the course later if interrupted.

  • Keep learners engaged with relevant learning engagement triggers during video.

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