TappnEd Team Wins Best UX at EOS Global Hackathon Sydney 2018

Sydney, Australia Sunday 5th August 2018: TappnEd team wins Best User Experience (UX)  award at the EOS Global Hackathon Sydney for their “Greenfix” dApp built on EOSIO blockchain.

Sam Wilson CEO accepting Best UX award on behalf of the TappnEd “Greenfix” team

Derrick Heng wondering how he’s going to get the cheque home on the bus

Gopal Gautam, Sam Wilson and Bishal Bhansali glowing a radiant blue










The Challenge

“Create a DAPP on the EOSIO platform that will empower the public to play a role in sustaining natural environments for the future”.



The sustainability theme…

Staying true to the sustainability challenge theme we decided to construct the “GreenFix” dApp from scratch (which had little to do with our core software eLearning business TappnEd), but instead focus on a blockchain sustainability solution that would allow general public to nominate and report on sustainable packaging products that were worthy of being rewarded, eg. like the recent Lego sustainable blocks made from sugarcane https://www.businessinsider.com/lego-go-eco-friendly-with-blocks-made-from-sugarcane-2018-8/?r=AU&IR=T.

The Best UX  Award goes to “Greenfix”…

The front-end UX was an easy to use iOS design carefully crafted by our amazing UX expert Derrick Heng.

Nominated sustainable products would receive EOS tokens which could be redeemed or donated to their favourite companies for investment in the adoption of sustainable practices or allocated towards environmental courses company employees could take.


The usability flow chart constructed by Derrick Heng was the clincher




The back-end built on the EOSIO platform, mongoDB and used smart contract generation via C++, was built by the powerful team of Bishal Bhansali and Gopal Gautam, which allowed us to write to the EOS block chain incorporating identity verification, generation of keys and token transfers between user accounts.



Check out the dApp demo video link to Youtube

“Greenfix” dApp demo video on Youtube


The TappnEd team worked tirelessly over the weekend from the Saturday morning until the Sunday afternoon to conceptualize, plan, design, construct, code, prototype, pitch and deliver the GreenFix dApp from scratch. Not much sleep was had by the team who were up until the early hours of Sunday morning smashing away at code and designs in a mad rush to submit by the 1pm Sunday deadline.

The giveaways were truly excellent in high quality “Swag” which only further demonstrated the EOSIO commitment to looking after its community with high quality tools, great events and fantastic prizes. They really didn’t skimp on anything including the event venue (International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour), food, booze, staff and top quality brands in the swag.

The Goodies…

The “swag” was a Moleskine vertical device bag and inside was a H2Go double wall vacuum thermal bottle thermos, Patagonia sweater jacket, Morphie Encore Plus USB battery pack, Moleskine journal, a Classics peaked cap and even a toiletries bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, earplugs and eye mask for those hackers who wanted to get a bit of shut-eye in the Nap room! Talk about thinking ahead… EOSIO and AngelHack really put a lot of effort into this event… All in all the prizes would have easily cost $AUD500… and we got it for the cheap developer ticket price of $10 each and a couple of days sleeplessness – bargain!

Some great high quality brands in the Swag included Patagonia jackets, Moleskine bags and Mophi USB battery chargers.

EOSIO tech, mentors and the event…

In terms of the event it was great to get to meet many of the key people at block.one and EOSIO who helped with business and technical with mentoring. Being able to directly access the extensive human and technical resources of EOSIO in a limited timeframe project was incredibly helpful since we were there to assess the EOSIO tech solution for our eLearning business and to see what these EOS/block.one people were like.

We were amazed at the professionalism, great community spirit, and well organised event which look like being hallmarks of any future events and part of the EOSIO psyche. Nothing was overlooked as being minor by the great event staff from AngelHack lead by the irrepressible Brian Collins who kept the action ticking over and deadlines nailed.

Judges and mentors were all very knowledgeable, helpful and skilled, and were always ready to lend a helping hand and use as a sounding board.


A key part of the event was the $USD 145,000 prizemoney from Block.on’s EOS VC unit who also announced their “Hack. Pitch. Launch” $USD1million seed funding initiative. The program will allow teams from the EOS Global Hackathon events to pitch their DAPPs to EOS VC for the opportunity to receive an investment of US$50,000 to launch their idea. Five teams from each of the four hackathon events will receive seed funding.

Out of the event we managed to take away a much better understanding of the EOSIO platform, their commitment to the community both technically and financially, and the longevity of the EOSIO platform as a viable blockchain solution for developers and business people alike wanting to disrupt the status quo.

Special thanks to…

Thanks to all the judges, mentors, block.one/EOSIO and AngelHack staff for making it a great event. Special thanks to Brodie who was great at helping us with product planning, Jeffrey for listening to our pitch half a dozen times, Julien Heller, Jay Chang, Chris Allnut, John MacMenamin, Bill Woodward and Thom Hallgren..



“GreenFix” acceptance award for Best UX by Sam Wilson CEO on behalf of the TappnEd team

VIDEO: Sam Wilson CEO accepting Best UX award in the closing ceremony


Block.one Hackthon Sydney Official Announcement of winners 2018




Full winners list

Top prizes

First Prize, US$100,000 – SmartPress (Australia)

Second Prize, US$25,000 – GreenKeep (Australia)

Third Prize, US$10,000 – TokenTree (Australia)


Secondary prizes

Best Social Impact, US$3,000 – Jarmbi (Australia)

Best User Experience, US$3,000 – GreenFix (TappnEd Team)

Best Social Media Post, US$3,000 – Alfred Cheuk

Australia judges

Rob Jesudason –  Block.one Group President

Andrew Bliss – Block.one CFO

Dr. Jane Thomason – Blockchain Quantum Impact CEO / Abt Associates Australia Senior Advisor

Jonny Hendriksen – ShuttleRock Founder and CEO

Joe Cincotta – Thinking Studio Managing Director

Lina Lim – NSX Limited Head of Technology / Tempus Adventus Managing Director


The Sydney event was the second in a series of five taking place around the world this year, with a total of US$1.5 million in prizes to be awarded by EOS VC. The first event in the global series was hosted in Hong Kong in June and drew more than 350 entrants from 17 countries.

Each hackathon event features a unique challenge for developers to “hack” the challenge with the goal of designing blockchain applications (DAPPs) with real-world utility using EOSIO code.

Top three prize winners from each of the four hackathons will compete in a Grand Finale Pitch Competition event in December.

Uber driver partner interactive video training is now available on TappnEd

With the explosive growth in tech companies like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB there has been a commensurate growth in knowledge support industries that service the massive partner network of these organisations.

Uber’s growth has seen a huge surge in demand by drivers for knowledge on how to best use and beat the system – from simple “hacks” to more in-depth “how to make money” videos. These have mostly been made by “driver partners” which are then published on independent websites, social media and video platforms like YouTube, but there has been little effort at utilising new tech or adult learning concepts. Its’ all been a bit “Just-In-Time”…

Tips, tricks, making money, minimising mistakes, set up and running quickly with Uber interactive video training.

22 lessons on all things an Uber driver needs to learn?!?! What a bargain!


Perhaps it’s part of Uber’s strategy NOT to invest in the latest eLearning tools or methods – perhaps an aversion to being accused of having driver “employees” and not, “driver partners” (resulting in class action suites) – or maybe Uber just don’t think proper training will reduce their driver churn and increase quality of service (and profit).

In any case WE at TappnEd are excited to have on board an experienced Uber driver instructor, The Rideshare Emperor, who has created an amazing interactive Uber driver video course to fill that gap.


Ultimate Uber Driver Interactive video Course Page on TappnEd

Ultimate Uber Driver Course Description on TappnEd.com

As a world first, TappnEd has The Ultimate Uber Driver Training Course – a comprehensive interactive video training resource for prospective and new Uber drivers which trains, assesses and validates all things (unofficially) Uber.



The course allows prospective and current  Uber drivers to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of the Uber partner driver business model, costs involved in setting up your operation, how to save money…and make money, detailed analysis of trip revenue activity, how to increase profitability, tips tricks and hacks, surge pricing and how to take advantage of it, dealing with problems, and all within the confines of an interactive video experience able to be viewed on any device.

There’s even a dog story!

Learners can interact in-video through a gamified multiple choice assessment model; participate in interactive video polls and tap through to additional video resources, Uber news and official Uber Support.

They can even register as a new Uber driver by tapping on the bottom iFrame footer which breaks out into a new tab.

The new tab is an Uber registration page and if they make a certain number of trips then the driver who supplied the link gets a cash reward – which can range from as little as $50 to as much as $500. Not a bad pay check for a simple referral!

In-videoi interactive questions and answers reinforce learning

Interactive “in-video” questions and answers reinforce learning – no cognitive overload!

Since TappnEd works on any device the video and interaction will play on smartphones in both portrait and landscape mode.


Check out the worlds first interactive mobile video Uber driver course here https://platform.tappned.com/course/106 .

Polls can be taken even inside the video and display a pie chart of responses for the learner.

Polls can be taken even inside the video and display a pie chart of responses for the learner.

Surf Life Saving Australia to use TappnEd mLearning interactive video courses for skills maintenance refresher training

Sydney, Australia Wednesday 5th October 2016: TappnEd is proud to announce Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) will be using the TappnEd mLearning interactive video platform as part of its emphasis on innovation in learning and education.

TappnEd’s patented video platform will allow SLSA’s members to view, engage and test themselves with fully interactive SLSA training videos on smartphones, tablets and desktops.


Press Release Video of example courses and interactivity for skills maintenance refresher project

Press Release video on SLSA skills maintenance refresher project: https://platform.tappned.com/course/76 OR https://goo.gl/3JoLma

SLSA members can use the TappnEd interactive video platform for content and skills refresher training prior to their annual club organised skills maintenance programs, which are conducted in preparation for the start of the surf lifesaving season, and can do so on nearly any device, any time and from any location with internet access. SLSA Bulletin 01/16-17 http://www.surflifesaving.com.au/news/slsa-bulletin-new-skills-maintenance-tools/bulletin-01-16-17-new-skills-maintenance-tools.pdf

Bronze Medallion training videos currently used as training aids have been used in this trial program where refresher questions are all contained within the video frame as an overlay on the paused video content with smart phones or tablets adjusting dynamically to portrait or landscape orientation. No third-party app downloads are necessary as the system uses standard browsers and responsive design technology to deliver the interactive video question and answers.

TappnEd allows educators to match learning points with interactive questions immediately after each other to test and reinforce knowledge. Sometimes too many learning points and questions bunched together can saturate the learner with information which can produce an effect called “cognitive overload”. In order to make the interactive video lessons relevant, questions are posed to the learner after individual learning points, thus avoiding the potential for cognitive overload whilst increasing learner engagement and knowledge retention.

“Part of the challenge with this project was ensuring that the refresher questions and answers would be legible when viewed inside the video frame on a smaller device, like a smart phone, yet still would retain the flexibility of responsive multi-device viewing.” – Sam Wilson TappnEd project co-ordinator.

01 Resuscitation 2 person is the intercative TappnED course for skills maintenance refresher.

01 Resuscitation 2 person is the intercative TappnED course for skills maintenance refresher.

Now the challenge of limited device choice and proprietary technology dependence has been overcome, TappnEd can roll out interactive video learning and knowledge validation to any device. In the past many organisations used classroom-based LMS systems, typically Adobe Flash, but this limited the learner to only learning on a PC, within class time and at that location. With TappnEd mLearning the process of education and training can be conducted 24/7, with access from a smart phones, tablets and desktop all year-round.

“SLSA recognised the advantages of a ‘mobile first’ capability that enables members to conduct self-validation of existing or new knowledge, prior to their formal skills maintenance activity. We worked with the TappnEd team to ensure the interactive questions mapped to the course material and provided a useful method of easing the learner back into the SLSA mindset, whilst adhering to the national SLSA education standards.” – Pamela Simon, SLSA Learning and Development Manager.

SLSA Skills Maintenance refresher courses

SLSA Skills Maintenance refresher courses

TappnEd utilises standard browser based technology with the main system hosted on Amazon Web Services facility in Sydney, Australia (a division of Amazon NASDAQ: AMZN).

“We chose to use Amazon Web Services as our hosting provider as it represented the most flexible and widest variety of complementing technologies to support our video-specific platform.” – Sam Wilson, CEO of Urban Marketing, the parent company of TappnEd.

“Its been a long journey, starting with the support of the NSW Government Department of Innovation and Industry, to the feedback and partnering with SLSA, through to the courses we see today. It’s now a no-brainer for Educators to use TappnEd to push video learning to smart phones.” – John Forrester COO of Urban Marketing.

The complete list of SLSA skills maintenance interactive videos are here:

# Video Name URL Longform
1 01 – Resuscitation – 2 Person (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/45
2 02 – Resuscitation – 1 Person (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/46
3 04 – Board Rescue – Conscious Victim (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/47
4 05 – Board Rescue – Unconscious Victim (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/48
5 06 – Tube Rescue – Conscious Victim (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/49
6 07 – Tube Rescue – Unconscious Victim (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/50
7 08 – Spinal Board Carry – Victim in Water (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/51
8 09 – Walk-Up Spinal – use of spinal board if assistance required (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/52
9 10 – IRB Lift and Carry (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/53
10 12 – Resuscitation – 4 Person including Oxy Viva and Defib (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/56
11 13 – IRB Awareness – Launch, Landing, Lift and Carry (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/57
12 Spinal Training Scenario ARC Update 2016 (SLSA) https://platform.tappned.com/course/72



Surf Life Saving Australia is Australia’s peak coastal water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority.

With 169,633 members and 313 affiliated Surf Life Saving clubs, Surf Life Saving Australia represents the largest volunteer movement of its kind in the world.

Surf Life Saving is a unique not-for-profit community cause that exists through community donations, fundraising, corporate sponsorship and government grants. Since Surf Life Saving was established in 1907, over 630,000 people have been rescued by our surf lifesavers.

For further information please visit www.sls.com.au



TappnEd is the interactive mLearning video system designed for the “mobile first” strategy of eLearning. TappnEd can be used for formal VET based assessment, soft skills or knowledge enhancement.

TappnEd has learner management features including invite, marking, nested lessons inside courses and social media integration. Interactive call to actions can be inserted into various points of video which serve to test learners understanding of video learning points. Content is viewable on all major browsers, on any device, and in a fully responsive mode. TappnEd is accessible 24/7 x 365 days per year.

Our motto “any device, any where, any time”.

TappnEd is owned by Urban Marketing Pty Ltd, based in Sydney Australia.

For further information please visit www.tappned.com

Contact: Sam Wilson, CEO Urban Marketing

Mob: +61 412 097 771

Email: sam<a>urbanmarketing.com.au

Twitter: @tappned