Designed Learning (Founder Gail Brown PhD)

Challenge: Convert an existing successful L&D program into a scalable and monetizable format for deployment to schools. The existing material focused on the age category of 5-7 years with many concepts helping to prepare kids for NAPLAN tests. All material was all contained in pdf documents which needed to be converted into an appropriate interactive video format.

Process: TappnEd helped co-ordinate video editing partners and Designed Learning in an effort to convert all materials into a video format, with additional narration provided by Designed Learning. After this was done TappnEd assisted in the upload of the videos, and design of relevant call-to-actions questions and answers which tested the learner’s understanding of the course content during the video, thereby minimizing the likelihood of cognitive overload.

Results: Complete conversion of pdfs to interactive videos able to be watched by learners on smartphones, tablets and laptops, and able to be sold through the TappnEd payment gateway.