TappnEd announces support for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) wishing to enrol students using their Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Now even the smallest RTOs can use the TappnEd interactive video training LMS to enrol students and collect student specific data for recording and verificationUSI text from gov website.

The TappnEd enrolment form supports standard enrolment data collection including Unique Student Identifier (USI); or a new tab/link to allow the student to apply for one; and also education information, individual needs, country of birth and all the other information required for data reporting obligations for NCVER https://www.usi.gov.au/training-organisations/training-organisation-requirements .

TappnEd does not provide direct access to the USI Registry as at March 2017, however it does conduct a USI validation check when a student enters their USI. RTOs don’t have to upload their AusKey information to TappnEd so setting up your account and monetising interactive video course content is easy and quick.



If the student gets their USI incorrect then an error message appears allowing them time to double check the number and re-enter.


TappnEd supports standard assessment based learning in a formalized and mobile friendly interface. If students get an answer incorrect they have additional chances if that option is selected, to answer the question until they get it correct – perfect for running accredited courses.

Because now more than 50% of video gets consumed on mobile devices TappnEd gives training organisations the opportunity to sell more of their courses online and deployed to mobile devices – a key competitive and revenue advantage.USI rules from gov website v3

If you have your courses on a PowerPoint its easy to create a video course – narrate and export as an MP4 video file using the Microsoft PowerPoint Narration and Export As function.

For more information on turning your PowerPoint presentation into a video see the Microsoft support article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Turn-your-presentation-into-a-video-c140551f-cb37-4818-b5d4-3e30815c3e83.

Want to create your own interactive video course for mobile? Heres how…

Video is now becoming so common place to use as a teaching tool that if you’re not using it you are at a perceived disadvantage – but there’s a disconnect with harnessing the full power of HTML5 video and the implementation of effective training and assessing techniques.

How do you embed interactive questions and answers during the video to validate learners knowledge and then have that available on a mobile device?


Sure, Flash used to be able to do this on a desktop but failed miserably when it came to any mobile device. Now we have HTML5 video and all the neat technology associated with it but organisationas still struggle to put this in a mobile format.

Enter TappnEd – interactive video learning for mobile.


This course shows you how to get started using TappnEd’s interactive video features and then deploy that course to any device. It works especially well on smart phones in both landscape and portrait modes as it was designed specifically with the small screen of smart phones in mind.


Getting Started Course

Getting Started with Interactive Video Courses: https://platform.tappned.com/course/11

Also learn how to monetize your mp4 video course by setting a price and selling it through the payment gateway. You can also share your course via social media or email and get your followers to buy and participate in that course.


Included in the course curriculum is:


Lesson 1: Creating a Course 06:33 minute(s)

Lesson 2: Uploading Video 03:01 minute(s)

Lesson 3: Adding Call-To-Actions, Scoring & VAP Messages 08:14 minute(s)

Lesson 4: Adding a Poll


No technical HTML5 knowledge is required – we handle all that in the back end of the TappnEd system.


If you need any help please contact support via the support email request form https://tappned.com/contact/ .


To start the course tap here https://platform.tappned.com/course/11 .

4th April 2016 — TappnEd Beta launches for the global education and training market.

4th April 2016

TappnEd Beta launches for the global education and training market. Included in this beta release is:

  • Free account with revenue sharing on sign up.
  • Interactive “in-video” learning on any device.
  • Video monetization with StripeTM secure payments.
  • Social share now or later function.
  • Multiple interactive video Lessons in a single Course.
  • In-video interactive polling.
  • Course rating by Learners on completion.
  • FAQs and Support Pages

Whilst TappnEd is in Beta we are looking for both Educators and Learners alike to engage with our system, see how they like the format and user interface, and make suggestions or comments.

Do you have a suggestion or idea you would like to see? Tell us! We are happy to engage with our users to make the best possible system. Also feel free to make a sample course and publish it. You will get paid if learners like them.

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